Dinosaur “Expert” Is Being Thrown Around Too Much

Look, almost every kid was into dinosaurs. I knew which ones were carnivores and which ones were herbivores. But did you know which ones were from the Cretaceous, Jurassic or Triassic periods? Did you know that T-Rex never encountered stegosaurus? Of course you didn’t and of course this little kid didn’t either. Now, am I being bitter about it this? Oh, absolutely. Just don’t throw around hyperbole and words like “expert.” It’s so irresponsible and people have to actually go to school and research these extinct animals; not just watch The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park.

By the way, the kid is super adorable and of course when I have a child I’m going to give them as many dinosaur toys that can fit into a toy-box.


You know what? This kid is way too cute and as someone that is visually impaired as well, he gets so much love from me. Also, those Woody pajamas are supreme flame city.


But I gotta give it up to my favorite viral kid. The OG himself Noah Ritter.

And he knows why stegosaurus has plates on their back and which ones are carnivores or herbivores. More of an expert in my humble opinion.


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