Alex Trebek Exemplifies Being a True Savage

Man, I think all of the SNL skits got to him. Yeah, he’s always been condescending and really dry with all of the contestants but he absolutely bodied this poor woman’s soul. He basically said what everyone was thinking, sure, but he didn’t have to put her in a body-bag like this. I’m sure dealing with these nerds on a daily basis makes him want to crack more jokes so you really have to hand it to him for not doing this more often.

Saying you listen to nerdcore hip-hop and then describing what the lyrical content is about, especially the lack of intimacy part(!!!) and not expecting to get made fun of is such a weird move.



I have a feeling a lot of other nerdy guys are going to be all over this girl now, so she has that going for her. Oh, she also won that day so… suck it Trebek!

Now let some of the best Trebek moments carry you into the rest of the week.






Nothing beats Trebek vs Connery.



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