November Is For The Animals

It’s only been a week into November and we’ve already been treated with some of the best animal content in two incredible videos. I don’t want to bring up Harambe again but where was this post-two weeks after his death? The Cincinnati Zoo and zoos in general really took a PR hit and all they could do was say, “hey stop making memes guys.” This is compelling stuff and I’m itching to go to the zoo right now. Sure, whatever I see will be 2% as exciting but this is animals in their natural habitat. I’m too excited, let’s just watch.


First we have homewrecker vs lovable loser penguin. After a hard penguin day providing for his beaked family his girl decides to go with some other tuxedoed dude. This is honestly the most heart-breaking thing I’ve seen in a while, at the same time, it’s time to move on penguin buddy. She made her choice, go out there and get the feathered female you deserve.




Mr Steal Your Girl


Folks I haven’t seen a penguin take a hit like this since Crosby.




Then we have this little iguana booking it like it’s the cutest girl at a bar when the lights go on. Bunch of hungry snakes just trying to get a piece of it and our little hero does it’s best Marshawn Lynch impression.I won’t spoil it but it’s just incredible.





Truly captivating stuff this week, please keep this up animal kingdom.


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