Sign This Doggo Up NFL

I’m not sure how old this video is and I’m not sure if it’s even relevant anymore but this pupper has some talent. Now, I know there’s Air Bud and his thousand sequels, so I’m sure there’s a football version of our favorite Golden Retriever (there’s probably been 12-15 different Buds, RIP.) This dog has nasty technique and a knack for going for the ball.

First, he decleats this kid like Ed Reed could only dream about; the little guy was just thinking, “I’m going down the middle here like a shifty little slot receiver, ala Wes Welker.” And BAM! (That’s what we call an onomatopoeia in the biz.) This kid is starring in the sequel to Concussion, call Will Smith and tell him to improve that garbage accent for us. So my new favorite safety doesn’t just celebrates his bone rattling tackle. No, he goes right for the ball, he saw that the kid did a football move (whatever that means) and got that fumble better than Eric Berry, Harrison Smith or The Honey Badger ever could.



However, I’m just not a fan of the play call here. It seems as the QB (I assume dad?) is running a play action pass here. Which is fine and all on some surprise situations but there’s no surprising this canine, like I said this dog can suit up and play safety for my team on any given Sunday. And I mean how weak is their run-game? The dog wasn’t fooled one bit, he just dropped back and saw the play develop before it even happened. Also, what a beautiful screen set by the birdfeeder, it was practically textbook but this kid just wasn’t meant to play the slot because I’m pretty sure he’s wearing a Polamalu jersey. At the end of the day I think this all falls on our coach\QB dad over here, with not respecting who’s in coverage, to only throwing a floater of a pass down the middle. Sir, you get an F and may the football Gods have mercy on your soul.



Only comparison is Reed here folks.




Sorry I meant…



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